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About us

Don't work harder, work smarter


We develop innovative IT solutions for businesses and governments in the Netherlands and abroad. For organisations that want to have a fast overview of business relevant, geo-specific information for the implementation of management tasks and logistics processes. 
This includes the online analysis and presentation of environmental data, property data, but also position determination and sensor data. The data, entered by users or measured by sensors, from the databases are according to the need linked and made available online.
Our customers will therefore have access 24/7 to the most current and relevant information, anywhere where he/she has internet. Our solutions are widely applicable and are already used by both governments and the industry for the management of environmental information, reports, Track & Trace.


Nazca-i has the ambition to be the leading organisation in the field of converting location-based data into useful information and in the development of web-related automation methods with which one can work effectively. Innovative digital opportunities for data and information processing systems with a broad applicability are required in the future.
In the future Nazca-i sees enormous potential with the motto ‘Don’t work harder, work smarter’ to provide its market with solutions that reduce the human workload by digitizing in order to automate.
Research, Development & Innovation will also be at the heart of Nazca-’'s future activities.


Within its target markets (government, transportation & logistics, real estate) Nazca-i wants to be the leading organization in the field of converting location-based data into useful information. Nazca-i wants to exploit the capabilities of the digital (online) world to the maximum with regards to the accessibility of information.
The ambitious vision for the future provides the innovative work motto ‘Don’t work harder, work smarter’. By standing at the forefront of digital developments for information provision, Nazca-i makes the possibilities to request, enter and edit information more sophisticated, which stimulates efficient work.

By thinking ‘out of the box’ Nazca-i ensures that they can develop data processing methods and capabilities related to information provision which the target group will need in the near future.




What is the relationship between the Nazca plains and Nazca IT Solutions?

Light-coloured clay and gravel grains cover the Nazca plains of Peru. These grains form patterns, only visible
from a distance and from an even greater height you can see the spider, hummingbird and other figures. The perspective of the viewer determines whether he sees the coarse grains or elegant images.


This also applies to information. The unfiltered information from sensor measurements and other data sources are
like the clay and gravel grains which only transform into useful business information at great heights.


Nazca IT Solutions brings the client at that altitude where geographic data, sensor data and other information are presented clearly and ready to use. Available and ready to apply, 24 Hours and 7 days a week through Nazca-i intelligent communications.