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About us


Information on the move

We develop innovative IT solutions for businesses and governments in the Netherlands and abroad. For organisations that want to have a fast overview of business relevant, geo-specific information for the implementation of management tasks and logistics processes. 

This includes the online analysis and presentation of environmental data, property data, but also position determination and sensor data.

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The Fleet manager system is a successful combination of Location Based Service (LBS) and Track & Trace.

Sensors in the respective vehicle register the indoor conditions such as; temperature, humidity, etc. With the built-in identification module the driver registers onto a vehicle, which identifies who has been driving which vehicle.

In addition, position determination takes place through GPRS, allowing the vehicle to be monitored on the web environment designed for this purpose.

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Intergeo: Geoinformation in Europe

On Intergeo – the largest trade fair on geoinformation, geodesy, and land management in Europe – it has become clear that the importance of geo-related information steadily increases, and with it the demand for implementations.

Implementations which use the ever larger stream of location based data for solving questions in the field of for instance health-care, the improvement of infrastructures and a sustainable use of the environment. Nazca-i was there.

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Nazca-i Report System

Our Report System supports citizens, realtors, consultants and internal users in gathering tailored information. A wide range of standard reports draw from
a rich array of digital data sources to compose the necessary reports you need about real estate, soil, environment, noise and much more.

Naturally, the reports are not just tailored for clients, but can also be adjusted for internal use.

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Nazca-i Soil

The Environment Information System (EIS) Nazca-i Soil is designed to record environmental information and present that clearly.

As a user, you can enter information from research reports, drilling and other sources. On the map you can easily access and manage sites and research data.

Nazca-i Soil is a mainstay for various environmental services, municipalities and provinces that would like to record their water and soil data centrally and in accordance with the SIKB-protocol (SIKB can be compared with SWMC in the UK).

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