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Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (RWS): Tracking and Tracing for traffic officers


The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (RWS) manages and develops the national network of roads and waterways on behalf of the Minister and the State Secretary of Infrastructure and the Environment. To rapidly remedy problems on the road (accidents, road and infrastructure repair) RWS has access to an extensive vehicle fleet.

Nazca IT Solutions implements a Tracking and Tracing system for RWS that provides the RWS traffic control centre with an online overview of all vehicles, fitted with on-board units, including their current positions and availability. Furthermore, sending SMS messages from the traffic control centre to the vehicle is managed through the application.


Each day there are approximately 3 million road users on the 3,270 kilometres of freeways managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. To ensure a smooth and safe flow of traffic, it is important to respond to incidents by being on the spot quickly. By using Tracking and Tracing, RWS aims to have the traffic control centres manage its entire fleet of traffic officers more efficiently.


Nazca IT Solutions has fitted each RWS vehicle with an on-board unit, allowing the traffic control centre to send messages to the traffic officer, as well as to determine the position of the vehicle. The geographic view integrated in the RWS environment provides a clear at-a-glance overview of where each vehicle is, including its status (busy, free, etc.).

The technology in the on-board unit manages the transmission of all data traffic between the traffic control centre and the vehicle. This data traffic includes the GPS positioning of the vehicle and sending text messages from the traffic control centre. This information is collected and transmitted to the LBS (Location Based Services). The LBS is an allocation unit from which the user (control centre) can boot the various services, including the RT module. This Real Time Tracking module shows the information gathered on a map. Using the attached functionalities, the user of the traffic control centre makes several selections, views the status of the vehicle and sends messages.

Why Nazca IT Solutions


RWS has opted for the Nazca IT Solutions Track and Trace solution for the following reasons:

  • Positioning and text communication is available online from any RWS account with an Internet connection and authority
  • Wireless installation in any vehicle      
  • Unlimited expansion of on-board units
  • Current positioning and display on the map
  • Clear data presentation
Added value 

The Tracking and Tracing system enables the traffic control centres of RWS to obtain a direct overview of: (1) the location of each vehicle and (2) the availability of each vehicle. In addition, the traffic control centre can directly contact the traffic officer in the vehicle by SMS. As a result, RWS is able to remedy problems on the road faster, thus making traffic flow smoother and safer.


Technology used

  • Nazca-i web technology
  • GPS Technology


Increases quality, cost-saving, more efficient service.


Functional expansion
The LBS unit is expanded with an analysis and reporting module.