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Intergeo 2015

Geodesy, Geoinformation and Landmanagement

InterGEO is the world's leading conference and trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and landmanagement.
The InterGEO trade fair will take place in Stuttgart from 15 till 17 september this year.

InterGEO covers a great variety of fields, ranging from surveys, geoinformation, remote sensing and photogrammetry to complementary solutions and technologies. The processing, using and analysing of geodata in the field or on the internet is an interesting and extremely dynamic area.

Smart City Experience

As partners in several smartcity projects we will also be present, with our innovative IT solutions for companies and authorities about geospecific information and our location based services. These applications can be experienced live on the Nazca-i Smart City Experience. We are looking forward meeting you at the InterGEO trade fair 2015 and eagerly await your ideas, suggestions and reactions.

InterGEO is the ideal platform for innovation, especially for sectors that enjoy dynamic growth. Suppliers of future technologies, international exhibitors and market leaders from all fields showcase themselves on venues such as open source park and innovation park.
InterGEO 2015 is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with other experts and to extend your view within the most important disciplines in the industry.

InterGEO, new technologies, solutions and innovations 15 till 17 september 2015




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