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Arid Sensor management


- Online monitoring and management

- Easy to install sensor network

- Can be limitless expanded with new sensors

- 24/7 monitoring and management

- An automatic message is sent via for example an email

- Cost effective


Online sensor management

Arid Sensor management consists of a web portal and a sensor network. This network consists of different types of sensors, which include: temperature, humidity, CO2, Open-close combined with hardware to transmit the values measured by the sensors. In the web portal you can view, analyse and manage the measured values from the sensor network. In case the pre-set limits are exceeded, the web portal makes fast communication of environmental values possible. In this case the system can send an automated message, for example an email to concerned persons.

Why Nazca IT Solutions

- The ease of implementation
- Reliability of the Mesh-network
- Proven technology
- Low maintenance costs
- Possibility to easily expand the functionality


CWT Commodities: innovation in storage management

Trade relations in Africa and Europe make CWT Commodities an important player in the field of transport and service provision for fresh goods such as coffee and cocoa beans. In its depots in Amsterdam, CWT has recently implemented an innovative solution from Nazca IT Solutions and Ambient Systems.

With this solution CWT is raising the bar high for the whole industry when it comes to customer service, product quality, efficiency and safety.

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Location based service



The GoStoreBox is the perfect combination of a fireproof steel construction with an integrated fire extinguishing system. The massive construction prevents a fire in the box to spread. The fire extinguishing system detects and extinguishes the fire with extinguishers. A specially installed hose bursts at temperatures above 100
degrees which causes the extinguishing agent to land precisely on the fire. Result: fire under control!

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