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Nazca-i Asbest Registration

A lot of asbest was used in buildings for insulation of walls and gaskets of technical installations in the past. Because asbest in dust form is dangerous to the health, it is important during demolishing and renovation activities to know where the material is. Various agencies are researching the presence of asbest in buildings, but there is no coordinating organisation for structural registration.

Nazca-i has developed the Asbest Registration System in cooperation with the “Management & Consultancy Collective Groningen” (MACG).

- Quick overview of asbestos sites

- Possibility to upload maps and images

- Web-based application; you only need an internet connection


The idea: central registration of asbestos sites

The Asbestos Registration System is based on the shared-service-principle: one online web environment in which several organisations register, manage and consult asbestos surveys and locations. This creates a database in which affiliated parties can always check whether and when asbestos was found on a location. This prevents conducting unnecessary investigations and aids in a fast planning with municipal and contractors regarding demolition or renovation work on buildings.

The Asbestos Registration System is offered as a web application from a remote hosted environment. The system allows the recording of information about the location of asbestos, such as object, investigation, floor level and room. In addition, there is a geographical representation of the site, allowing the users to get an overview of this asbestos location, but also of any surrounding asbestos sites.

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Shared Service

The shared-service-principle allows for more effective collaboration.

In practice, the province and municipalities share the data by phone or through xml files. The shared-service-principle eliminates this time-consuming method of exchange. This principle is based on one database in which all participating parties enter, access and manage soil data. Internet access makes it possible to manage and access the data the online service anywhere.

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