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For the recording of all data relating to geothermal storage systems

- Fully web-based

- Location independent, can be used freely and unrestricted

- Free updates

- Fully integrated in Nazca-i Soil

Registering Geothermal storage systems

However environmentally friendly, there are risks associated with placing geothermal storage systems. Drilling through different soil layers allows – if not sealed properly – the mixing of water from separate layers. Excessive temperature changes as a result of this water mixing have an influence on the biological activity, the chemical equilibrium, the groundwater table as well as the attracting of contaminants. Leaks in the system constitute an additional threat to the environment.

Registration in Nazca-i Soil

In order to identify these risks better, Nazca-i Soil offers its users the possibility to register geothermal storage systems as an entity (in addition to drilling points, tanks, etc.) to a location or independently in a separate module. This allows users to see at a glance where which type of geothermal storage system is. In addition Nazca-i Soil shows whether the installation has already been installed or whether an application process has started.


Reference product


Nazca-i Soil

The Environment Information System (EIS) Nazca-i Soil
is designed to record environmental information and present that clearly.

As a user, you can enter information from research reports, drilling and other sources. On the map you can easily access and manage sites and research data.

Nazca-i Soil is a mainstay for various environmental services, municipalities and provinces that would like to record their water and soil data centrally and in accordance with the SIKB-protocol (SIKB can be compared with SWMC in the UK).

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