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Case system

- Available online on any device

- Modulation of procedures including throughput times and forms management

- Concomitant handling, management and processing of cases by different departments and/or organisations

- Expandable with the Nazca-i Mobile Surveillance system

- An automatic message is sent via for example email

- Cost effective


Processes and case archives management

Online application for managing and registering cases and processes within the organisation, but also cross-organisational. Work processes can be designed and adjusted as desired, including throughput times and forms management.


The system is expandable with the Nazca-i Mobile Surveillance-module.

Reference Product


Shared Service

The shared-service-principle allows for more effective collaboration.

In practice, the province and municipalities share the
data by phone or through xml files. The shared-service-principle eliminates this time-consuming method of exchange. This principle is based on one database in which all participating parties enter, access and manage soil data. Internet access makes it possible to manage and access the data the online service anywhere.

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