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Connected Car


- Online monitoring and management

- eCall and bCall

- Can be limitless expanded with new vehicles

- 24/7 monitoring and management

- An automatic message is sent via for example email

- Cost effective


The Connected Car Principle

eCall- and bCall-systems are inextricably linked to the vehicle usage of the future. Are you a fleet manager and do you in addition to position determination want to be kept informed about the technical condition of your vehicles? The connected car offers you online information about position and velocity at any time. In addition, the occupants of the vehicle are able to communicate directly with your alarm or service centre via eCall or bCall.



By activating the system, both the position of the vehicle and a standardized data set are communicated to the closest emergency service (road assistance, emergency centre, etc.).

Activation occurs when the driver has to make an emergency stop or when the occupants use the eCall-button.

The standardized data set which is sent because the system is activated, consists of sensor measurements in the vehicle (including speed, location, date, time) and the information linked to the ID of the vehicle (registration number, make, fuel type, etc.). In addition, after activation, the system immediately establishes a direct line of communication between the occupants of the vehicle and the emergency or service organisation.



The "breakdown call" is activated by the occupants themselves when pressing the button. The standardized data set, in this case, is also sent to the emergency or service organisation, as well as the opening of a direct communication line with the occupants of the vehicle.

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The Fleet manager system is a successful combination of Location Based Service (LBS) and Track & Trace.

Sensors in the respective vehicle register the indoor conditions such as; temperature, humidity, etc. And with the built-in identification module the driver registers
onto a vehicle, which identifies who has been driving which vehicle.
In addition, position determination takes place through GPRS, allowing the vehicle to be monitored on the web environment designed for this purpose.

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Reference product

Arid Sensor Management

Arid Sensor management consists of a web portal and a sensor network. This network consists of different types
of sensors, which include: temperature, humidity, CO2, Open-close combined with hardware to transmit the values measured by the sensors.

In the web portal you can view, analyse and manage the measured values from the sensor network. In case the pre-set limits are exceeded, the web portal makes fast communication of environmental values possible.

In this case the system can send an automated message, for example an email to persons concerned.

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