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Nazca-i Earthworks movement system

As environmental department or province you would like to have a quick overview of the earthworks in your area. By matching the supply and demand of consignments of soil in your area, you can gain considerable economic and environmental benefits. The system monitors all earthworks region wide, online.

The benefits:

- 24/7
- available online
- direct insight into supply and demand
- central data management
- across borders
- up-to-date
- cost-effective


Dating site for earthworks movement management

Organisations often are unaware which soil is available in the region and who is anxious to get some soil. Anyone who is registered in Nazca-i Earthworks movement system can see at a glance who is offering which soil of what quality in the region. Soil providers register their consignment in the system along with supporting documents about the environmental or civil characteristics of the soil. Organisations that are in need of soil can see who is offering a suitable consignment and at what distance the consignment is in relation to the party in need based on the entered criteria.

Online service
The service is – like all Nazca-i services – offered online, allowing each authorized organisation to offer and search for soil. Nazca-i Earthworks movement system is the system in which supply and demand are brought together.

Reference product


Nazca-i Soil

The Environment Information System (EIS) Nazca-i Soil is designed to record environmental information and present that clearly.

As a user, you can enter information from research reports, drilling and other sources. On the map you can easily access and manage sites and research data.

Nazca-i Soil is a mainstay for various environmental services, municipalities and provinces that would like to record their water and soil data centrally and in accordance with the SIKB-protocol (SIKB can be compared with SWMC in the UK).

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