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- Online monitoring and management

- Registration of sensor measurements in the vehicle

- Can be limitless expanded with new vehicles

- 24/7 monitoring and management

- An automatic message is sent via for example an email

- Cost efficient


Combination of LBS and Track & Trace

The Fleet manager system is a successful combination of Location Based Service (LBS) and Track & Trace. Sensors in the respective vehicle register the indoor conditions such as; temperature, humidity, etc. And with the built-in identification module the driver registers onto a vehicle, which identifies who has been driving which vehicle.

In addition, position determination takes place through GPRS, allowing the vehicle to be monitored on the web environment designed for this purpose. The driver logs onto the vehicle by means of a personal key. The system automatically logs off the user if the vehicle has been stationary for more than twenty minutes or if a new driver logs on.

Using the web portal, the fleet manager can pinpoint on the map where each vehicle is located. In addition, currently driven routes can be compared to scheduled routes. This allows the administrator to verify whether one has deviated from the planned route.

Reference product

Connected Car

eCall- and bCall-systems are inextricably linked to the vehicle usage of the future. Are you a fleet manager and do you want to be kept informed about the technical condition of your vehicles, in addition to position determination?

The connected car offers you online information about position and velocity at any time. In addition, the occupants of the vehicle are able to communicate directly with your alarm or service centre via eCall or bCall.


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