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- Integrated fire extinguishing system

- Galvanized steel construction

- In accordance with (inter)national standards

- Digital identification and data management

- Can be expanded with Track & Trace

- Compartments adjustable in size


Safe transport of dangerous goods

The GoStoreBox is the perfect combination of a fireproof steel construction with an integrated fire extinguishing system. The massive construction prevents a fire in the box to spread. The fire extinguishing system detects and extinguishes the fire with extinguishers. A specially installed hose bursts at temperatures above 100 degrees which causes the extinguishing agent to land precisely on the fire. Result: fire under control! 

Lasifix: a customized box

In the transportation and storage of hazardous materials, sliding containers and packages are a risk. The box is equipped with the Lasifix-system to avoid damage and fire hazards. It is possible to modify the space in the box to the volume of the cargo with an adjustable wall in the box, allowing it to be stored more firmly.

GoStoreBox: digital identification and data management

The GoStoreBox can be equipped with RFID-technology, which allows the user to upload and read information about the stored goods (quantity, composition, source, etc.). Data which, in the event of an accident, is invaluable to the fire fighters and rescue services.

In addition it is also possible to digitally verify data on the maintenance of the box and its contents. Active RFID-sensors can monitor certain storing conditions, if the content of the box require such conditions. When exceeding a pre-set limit value (with respect to temperature, humidity, etc.) a message will be sent immediately, for example by email. 

GoStoreBox: what, where, when and how

Always be kept informed on where the box is? With the GoStoreBox Track-&-Trace-solution it is always clear where the cargo is, 24/7, worldwide. The integrated GPS-transmitter sends out its current position and both the sender and receiver of the cargo are able to track the shipping online.

GoStoreBox: S, M, L, XL, XXL,...

Do you have specific requirements regarding the size of the storage room and the transportation of your goods? Our experience in the transport and logistics enable us to match your needs, with new innovative and market-based solutions.



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Arid Sensor Management

Arid Sensor management consists of a web portal and a sensor network. This network consists of different types
of sensors, which include: temperature, humidity, CO2, Open-close combined with hardware to transmit the values measured by the sensors.

In the web portal you can view, analyse and manage the measured values from the sensor network. In case the pre-set limits are exceeded, the web portal makes fast communication of environmental values possible.

In this case the system can send an automated message, for example an email to persons concerned.

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Connected Car

eCall- and bCall-systems are inextricably linked to the vehicle usage of the future. Are you a fleet manager and do you want to be kept informed about the technical condition of your vehicles, in addition to position determination?

The connected car offers you online information about position and velocity at any time. In addition, the occupants of the vehicle are able to communicate directly with your alarm or service centre via eCall or bCall.


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