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Shared Service

- Available online

- In accordance with the latest SIKB-protocol

- From 2014 including IM Measurements

- Standard with the modules: tank, HBB, SIKB

- If desired can be expanded with the modules: Geothermal storage systems, Input module

- Can be linked with; Nazca-i Report System, BAG, organisation-wide viewer, among others


The shared-service-principle allows for more effective collaboration

In practice, the province and municipalities share the data by phone or through xml files. The shared-service-principle eliminates this time-consuming method of exchange.

This principle is based on one database in which all participating parties enter, access and manage soil data. Internet access makes it possible to manage and access the data the online service anywhere.

Reference product


Nazca-i Report System

Our Report System supports citizens, realtors, consultants and internal users in gathering tailored information. A wide range of standard reports draw from
a rich array of digital data sources to compose the necessary reports you need about real estate, soil, environment, noise and much more.

Naturally, the reports are not just tailored for clients, but can also be adjusted for internal use.

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