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Nazca-i Soil

- To register your soil data

- Full web-based application

- Location independent, can be used freely and unrestricted

- Free updates

- No purchase costs for software

- Can be designed as Shared Service


The Environment Information System (EIS) Nazca-i Soil is designed to record environmental information and present that clearly.

As a user, you can enter information from research reports, drilling and other sources. On the map you can easily access and manage sites and research data.

Nazca-i Soil is a mainstay for various environmental services, municipalities and provinces that would like to record their water and soil data centrally and in accordance with the SIKB-protocol (SIKB can be compared with SWMC in the UK).

Also Nazca-i Soil can be expanded with Shared Services and/or the Nazca-i Report Module.

Reference product


Nazca-i Report System

Our Report System supports citizens, realtors, consultants and internal users in gathering tailored information. A wide range of standard reports draw from
a rich array of digital data sources to compose the necessary reports you need about real estate, soil, environment, noise and much more.

Naturally, the reports are not just tailored for clients, but can also be adjusted for internal use.

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